The V Montessori Congress of Colombia “Education for a new humanity” is constituted in a place to deepen, share, and learn about the philosophical principles of Montessori pedagogy, principles that become key when assuming the formative challenges for a new humanity.


As humanity we find ourselves in moments of great change, which has allowed us to seek its positive side and, in this way, seek and find new paths, patterns and lifestyles that lead us to satisfy the basic needs of the human species, for conservation and progress of it.

In different nations, children and young people are the ones who have had to adapt the most to these changes. However, as it is known, the decision-making in relation to their well-being is assumed by adults, who have designed their interaction scenarios without considering the stages of development and the child’s psyche.

Who will be the adults who will tell these stories of change? They are the children who have lived this stage with us. Faced with this challenge, we find a great lighthouse that illuminates us with the light of hope. That lighthouse is EDUCATION, which shows us the most assertive way to contribute to the process of self-construction and self-realization of children and adolescents.



Generate spaces for training and searching for a better future as humanity, based on educational proposals that take into account the holistic approach of being.


1. Find a reflective panorama, proposed solutions to a new challenge as humanity through education.
2. Resume, from a hopeful perspective, the solution of situations that help our children and adolescents to live with greater fluidity their processes of adaptation to the new humanity
3. Learn the significant links between neuroeducation and stress in children and young people today.
4. Ensure education as the most assertive path, where the child can be accompanied in his self-construction, to thus achieve Self-realization processes.


Lyda María Franky

FEMCO’S President – Colombia

FEMCO is the Montessori Eco Educative Foundation in Colombia – Affiliated to AMI. I greet and welcome our attendees to the 5th MONTESSORI CONGRESS – COLOMBIA – Education for a new humanity: Hope for the forgotten citizen.

Susan Mayclin Stephenson

United States

Susan Mayclin Stephenson from the United States is a special guest. Susan will open the 5th Montessori Colombian Congress with a few words about her Montessori connection with Colombia.
Susan has worked in more than thirty countries, and has degrees in philosophy, education, three AMI diplomas, and teaching experience with children and young adults from ages two through eighteen. Although she enjoys working as a speaker and consultant for Schools, she is always looking for ways to help people, rich and poor, of any age and situation, make use of Montessori principles in ways that enrich their lives and support the discovery of the hidden potential of human beings to be happy, and compassionate with each other. Susan has written eight books, each with a unique perspective on how to make this possible. She is also a speaker and oral examiner for AMI.

Ruben Jongkind

Founder and CEO Global Montessori Sports, Amsterdam, Holland.

Topic: Montessori Principles in Sports

In 2018, together with Patrick Oudejans, he founded Montessori Sports with the goal of enriching Montessori environments with sports and using the power of sports to enhance the education of all children. In 2020 Montessori Sports signed a strategic partnership with AMI. Montessori Sports programs are held in France, Spain, Mexico, China, and Australia. Additionally, Ruben started the Montessori Sports Fund. This fund administered by AMI supports indigenous communities to create and maintain holistic Montessori learning environments for children, using the power of sports. Ruben is a strategic advisor to the Dutch professional football club FC Volendam. He has a master’s degree in environmental science and business administration and obtained the AMI 3-6 diploma in 2020 with AMI trainer, Guadalupe Borbolla.

Pedro José Mejía Murgueitio

Lawyer and Manager for Mejía & Asociados – Abogados Especializados SAS

Almost 44 years after Colombia has registered its first and only Paralympic gold with Cali’s athlete Pedro José Mejía, and just before the Olympic jousts, he presents himself to the new generations, as a skilled swimming giant and great sports leader of the city, the region, and the country.
“It has been a long time since I obtained a great achievement for my country and on a personal level. That time we participated in our 6th Paralympic in Holland 1980, in which we set world and Olympic records, in addition to gold in swimming 100 meters breaststroke and bronze medal in 100 meters backstroke” says Pedro José Mejía, with sympathy and joy, recapitulating his feat.
The path of the Colombian athlete already foresaw his feat, since he had come from participating in conventional for many years, coinciding with the Moscow Olympic Games, leading him 6 years later to be world swimming champion in Luxembourg, Sweden with gold and bronze in the same modalities, while the Paralympic movement at the national and international level continued to gain strength.
Mejía’s present shows his love and commitment to sport for people with diverse abilities and therefore explains: “Now with administrative and leadership experience, a year after being in the Paralympic Committee, I can visualize and work so that our athletes count with the elements and tools necessary in the practice of their discipline, such as accompanying and preparing new swimmers in the pursuit of their sporting achievements”.
Currently, the National Paralympic Committee with the support of Coldeportes and through the great work of its assembly and the executive, support the more than 4,000 disabled athletes that exist in Colombia, who are no longer grouped in a field of sport of rehabilitation, but high performance and competitive.
“Today the message that I send to our people with disabilities is that all of you are capable of participating and practicing a sport, and you can do it in highly demanding conditions, this being a new life and beginning, not only to measure yourself, but to thousands of athletes competing at a high level even in the conventional jousts of the world”, assured Pedro José Mejía.
Athletes with functional diversity ask for inclusion in the world, we invite all educational institutions to have inclusion and support for their students and athletes.

Mabel Ortega Zapata


Conference title: “Diversity in a standardized world”

Magister in Neuropsychology and Education, Graduate in Education and student of dynamic psychology, Theologian and Family Specialist. Corporation director – Colombia de Colores Talentos con Amor. Writer of texts books for children and defender of the Pedagogy of the Word, a guide for the development of the being based on conscious emotional education.
Creator of the international congresses in Colombia on intelligences and talents Expert in the characterization, development and empowerment in boys, girls, adolescents and young people of High Abilities and Exceptional Talents, under her own methodology based on the singular investigation of the subjects.

Gabriela Trejo


Girl, mom, Guide and passionate about Montessori. Ongoing Master of Science in Education, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, AMI Children’s Home Guide, Children’s Assistant for children 0-3 years AMI. I have had the opportunity to work in schools in Mexico, the United States and Italy. As Guide, as Coordinator of the Children’s House and Children’s Community area and currently as founder and Director of Montessori International Lantana. I have participated as a Speaker in the XXVI Montessori Congress in Mexico “Montessori more than ever”. I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate as a Course Assistant in the Training Center of Argentina Famm, assisting Alejandra Rosas in the first course of Childhood Assistants in said center.

Juan Felipe Restrepo Mesa


Marine Biologist from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, master’s in business administration from the EAFIT University, and specialist in Management of Educational Institutions from the Technological University of Bolívar. Head of Knowledge Management and Environmental Coordinator of the Montessori School of Cartagena, and Leader and co-researcher teacher of the ONDAS group of Biontessori research and teacher of the Natural Sciences Area.


Adele Diamond


Specialty is the rigorous study of executive functions (EFs) in infants and children. She has been doing that for 40 years. She studies how EFs are affected by biological factors (such as genes and neurochemistry) and by environmental ones (e.g., impaired by stress or improved by interventions).
Her discoveries have thrice changed international medical guidelines for the treatment of diseases and have had a significant impact on educational practice worldwide, improving millions of children’s lives. Prof. Diamond regularly crosses disciplinary divides and has often broken new ground (e.g., helping to start a new field [developmental cognitive neuroscience], demonstrating one of the first links between cognitive development and brain function, and changing the way people think about cognitive development [raising awareness of the role of inhibition]). She and her colleagues were the first to demonstrate that EFs can be improved by regular teachers in regular public-school classes (without expensive, high-tech equipment, 1:1 attention, or specialists).
Prof. Diamond emphasizes that addressing social, emotional, and physical needs is central to improving executive functions. She offers a markedly different perspective from mainstream education in hypothesizing that focusing exclusively on training cognitive skills is less efficient, and ultimately less successful, also addressing emotional, social, spiritual, and physical needs. Furthermore, she challenges traditional medical practice in hypothesizing that treating physical health, without also addressing social and emotional health is less efficient or effective.
Adele Diamond is the first in her family to graduate high school or go to college. She was educated at Swarthmore College (where she received her BA, Phi Beta Kappa, in Sociology-Anthropology and Psychology), Harvard University (where she received her PhD in Developmental Psychology), and Yale Medical School (where she was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroscience).

Héctor Orlando Aragón


Education Supervisor in the south of Cali – Colombia Héctor Orlando Aragón – “Educate in an impermanent reality” Bachelor of Philosophy from Universidad Del Cauca, Master of Education in Latin American Philosophy from Santo Tomás University, Studies on children’s rights at Lund University, Technical Education and Professional Training in Israel, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thought. He has held positions as University Professor of Education and Philosophy, Teaching Director and Education Supervisor in Cali, Colombia.

Angeline Lillard

United States

Professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, United States, she has been studying the Montessori method for more than two decades. In her best-selling Montessori book “The Science Behind Genius,” articles, Educational DVDs, and talks. Dr. Lillard presents the main theoretical principles, the scientific research that has followed them and how they should be implemented in a Montessori classroom.

Dr. Angeline Lillard travels internationally to give talks highlighting information from her book Montessori: The Science Behind Genius. Typically, it begins with an overview of Montessori education, then introduces the eight main principles covered in the book, along with some of the research that supports them and how they are implemented in a Montessori classroom.

The talk is tailored to the audience, so it may be suitable as a parenting education talk, community service talk, talk to tell teachers about relevant psychological research, or talk for college audiences. The talk, with questions / answers and a book signing, usually lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Javier López Ruiz


Biomedical Engineer, implacable, who is practical, proactive, motivating, enthusiastic, taking advantage of opportunities. With a strong passion for Montessori. Montessori guide with more than 5 years of experience. Main Workshop Guide, Montessori Xaltepec, Puebla – Mexico. Stavanger Montessori School Workshop Main Guide, Stavanger – Norway. Voluntary Workshop Main Guide Montessori School of Almeria. Almería – Spain.

Erica Moretti


Erica Moretti is an Assistant Professor of Italian at the Fashion Institute of Technology-SUNY. Her research — rooted in biopolitics, gender and sexuality studies, and critical theory — focuses on pacifism, refugees and displacement, and humanitarianism in Modern Italy. She has published on Progressive-era assimilation policies in the United States, on the Italian feminist movement, and on Italian colonialism, among other topics. Moretti’s first book, The Best Weapon for Peace: Maria Montessori, Education, and Children’s Rights (University of Wisconsin Press, 2021), reframes Montessori’s pacifism as the foundation of her educational activism, emphasizing her singular vision of the classroom as a springboard to reshaping society. Moretti has written on European history, politics, and ideas for various magazines and newspapers, including The Washington Post and Il Manifesto.

Osmel Osuna


Topic: The Heritage of Peace from the Montessori Vision

I am a young man, 22 years old, creative, dynamic, committed, hard-working and efficient. That he demands a lot of himself, willing to experience new things, learn in a practical way, work under pressure, and get ahead despite all the obstacles. Lover of teamwork.
2016 Bachelor, science mention. Title obtained at the U.E.P Colegio Santa Rosalia. 2020 Certificate in Digital Marketing Fundamentals by the Google Activate platform and the IAB of Europe 2020 Online Diploma for Human Rights Defenders of the University Community, carried out by the RedUni organization and sponsored by the European Union. Currently studying the 7th semester of the International Relations mention at the School of Political and Administrative Studies of the Central University of Venezuela.



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