EL NIÑO ALEGRE. (English Version)

Montessori from Birth to Three Years

On May 14, Susan Mayclin Stephenson had the joy of sharing her latest release: El Niño Alegre. Montessori from Birth to Three Years – Spanish Edition. This being his second copy in Spanish. 

Susan is a close friend of FEMCO, a writer, artist, world explorer and Montessori educator. We have shared with her in the Montessori Colombia meetings, providing us with total delicacy and skill her knowledge of a lifetime as a mother, faithful follower of the Montessori principles and lifestyle – also AMI guide 0-3, 3-6.6- 12 years. He has touched the lives of many mothers and families with “El Niño Alegre” impacting towards a more pleasant, simple and happy development, to result in: The self-realization of a healthy individual physically – emotionally – intellectually and spiritually than as an adult, can evoke a company of informed people, who prepared environments for you and accompanied you full of faith and love.

BuyWe invite you to meet this author through her books, where you will find clearly and understandably the depth of Dr. María Montessori’s Scientific Pedagogical System from real life experiences. We hope that Susan visits us as soon as possible, for the moment we enjoy her wonderful works that delight the senses and the value of reading, that now we have the privilege of accessing them in Spanish.

In the words of our President Lyda María Franky Zapata Polyglot Montessori Educator. AMI Guide 0-3 years, “El Niño Alegre” is the best counselor and the most assertive guide, for a pregnant and lactating mother, and for her family. The most delicate and vital age is the one that goes from birth to 3 years, where the psychic embryo develops in the first relationship between mother and child. These must mature and grow healthy the internal organs of the psychic embryo: Movement – intelligence – will – language and emotions, on par with the physical embryo.


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